Welcome to ITPG-Varna!

Welcome to our country, our city and our school! Here, within the project, you will find amazing new people and maybe even make friends! Now before we start with our team, we want to introduce you to our city and school, what interesting things you can see here and where to have fun. Varna with its captivating history, is home to ITPG-Varna, an elite high school, that can give you many wonderful opportunities on how to start your career and finish your education.

Varna, a dynamic coastal city on the Black Sea's shore, blends ancient history with modern allure. Its rich cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, and lively atmosphere make it a sought-after destination.The city is really beautiful and if you really find metropolises charming, you will really like this place as it's full of life everywhere. It's a progressive city so you will be able to see a lot of things, no matter what you're interested in.